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About us

LANTYPC® Machine. is a manufacturer and supplier specialized in bending equipments in China. Founded in 2002, our company has a high level product knowledge thanks to our R&D department and quality control department. Our main products are plate bending machines, profile bending machines, tunnel formwork systems, and steel formworks. Moreover, we can also offer shearing machines, press brakes, ball mills, rotary kilns or compound fertilizer production lines. Thanks to our efforts, our products have been exported to North America, South America, and Southern-East Asia, Mid-Asia and Mid-East and other regions and countries, such as: the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and others. Meanwhile, our company is developing new products according to the market needs. We recently developed new products, such as arc bending machines, four rollers bending machines, profile bending machines, semi-hydraulic bending machines and manual bending machines, which have been praised by our clients We use large-scale equipments from Germany and Japan to satisfy the bending needs of our clients. If you need rolling machine, steel formwork or tunnel formwork systems, do not hesitate to contact us now!

Main products
    1. Three Roller Bending Machine
    2. Three Roller Bending Machine
      1. This hydraulic three roller plate bending machine is originated from Germany, Sweden technology.
      2. The upper roller is fixed, and two down rollers is doing Arc lifting movement around center, and the two down rollers can be up and down at the same time.
      3. This machine need one time supply of plates without turning round and then it can finish pre-bending and roundness and other procedure. ...
    1. Four Roller Bending Machine
    2. Four Roller Bending Machine
      The structure of this machine has four rollers, the upper roller is the key drive. Through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and the gear of the upper roller provides the plates bending with torque. The lower roller makes lifting movements, the hydraulic cylinder imposes a force on the piston to clamp roller sheet tightly. Moreover, there are side rollers on the side of down roller transmitting by screw nut turbine worm or hydraulic rod ...
    1. Fully Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
    2. Fully Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
      Main Characteristic of Fully Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine:
      1. This machine is constructed by steel with 3 rollers which is driven by electro-motor.
      2. Our fully hydraulic profile bending machine can work crosswise and lengthways. It will save your time if you operate to refer to the data.
      3. In the bending process, the guide roller worked as a support, so the operation is very easy. ...
    1. Shearing Machine
    2. Shearing Machine
      Features of QC12Y Shearing Machine:
      1. The QC12Y shearing machine is equipped with hydraulic driven and swing cutter. The rack is full welded. It use nitrogen cylinder to return trip with stable speed.
      2. With stepless adjustment itinerary features, the blade gap is easily adjusted by hand shank.
      3. QC12Y shearing machine is equipped with security fence and interlock to ensure security ...
    1. Tunnel Formwork System
    2. Tunnel Formwork System
      The tunnel formwork system is the professional machinery used in tunnel construction of concrete lining. It is the necessary non-standardized products in the tunnel construction of the second time lining. This machine mainly has such following products, forexample, simple tunnel formwork equipment, fully hydraulic self reacting tunnel formwork system and grid type tunnel formwork system
    1. Steel Formwork
    2. Steel Formwork
      The steel formwork as a spare machine can form any shape to meet need of urgent capping. Working can be quickly recovered, so it is no need to remove form. This steel plate need not do scabble work, and can step into another procedure. This machine can be set before or after installing rebar. It can be inspected the pouring process, and reduce the risk situation of hole and honeycomb structure. If there is something wrong in the pouring process, at this time, the High ...

We are manufacturer and supplier specialized in rolling machines in China. Our company is involved in research, production and sales of bending machines. Thanks to their high quality and range of size, our products have earned a great reputation both in China and abroad. With more than 20 years of expertise, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia and many others. The precision of our testing and production equipments, and also our skilled workers guarantee a good control of our products. We can, of course, also provide OEM services. If you need bending machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

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